With nearly a decade of international business experience working in the public health, tourism, and renewable energy sectors we have a broad range of experience and expertise. 

Steena Chandler

Founder & Principal

S.Chandler copy.jpg

Steena is passionately committed to working with businesses that are looking to grow, are willing to change, and are seeking a path that is not only profitable, but environmentally and socially sustainable. 

With over seven years of international experience working in the non-profit, social enterprise, and the renewable energy sector, Steena is able to leverage her operational expertise to help businesses grow and thrive. 

Steena specializes in project management, program development, and sales strategy. In her time as Head of Sales and Marketing for a growing, venture-backed, solar company in East Africa, she increased the customer base by 130% in 8 months; from 35,000 to 81,000 customers. 

Steena is currently a second year candidate for an MBA from Leeds School of Business, at CU Boulder.